Our internship program is designed to assist passionate, ambitious individuals who are proactive and self-driven to gain a foundation in the tech entrepreneurship. We have in-house teams for every aspect of building a tech product and welcome talented individuals to join us as we craft innovative tech products.

Our teams

Research & Think Tank (RTT)

The Research & Think Tank team, our internal think tank, is a very unique undertaking. The RTT team specializes in performing comprehensive analysis and reporting on the problems we aim to solve. Our primary focus is on comprehensive literature review, strategic thinking, scientific thinking and evidence-based approaches to drive our product design, development and business strategy. The insights generated by the RTT team facilitates informed decision-making across the end-to-end processes involved in building our products.

UX Team

The UX Team adheres to a design thinking process, engaging in meticulous UX research and documentation protocols as we design products that are precisely crafted to address the needs of our users. Primary tools we work with – Figma, Qualtrics, Optimal Workshop

Development Team

The Development Team is the technological backbone of our startup, comprising Frontend Development, Backend Development, and DevOps. Our primary focus is on problem-solving while following industry best practices to construct robust, scalable and secure applications. Primary tools we work with – Angular, Django, GraphQL, Capacitor, Docker, AWS, Postgres, D3.js.

Algorithms Team

The Algorithms Team specializes in using AI, LLM, ML tools to solve some of the problems that our products aim to solve. Our primary focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions.

Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team excels in utilizing the most suitable marketing tools to promote our products using tailored marketing strategies. We use a combination of offline and online marketing tools to achieve our objectives.

Journalism Team

The Journalism Team conducts journalistic operations, including interviewing people and conducting research among other journalistic activities to facilitate the objectives of some of our products.

Business Administration Team

The Business Administration Team oversees the end-to-end business and financial aspects of our operations. Our primary focus is on devising operational and business strategies to optimize our processes for greater success.

We welcome talented individuals to join us as we craft innovative tech products. If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career in tech, click below to apply for our internship program. We look forward to meeting you!

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